Maxann Hauff

Maxann Hauff is a senior at Julesburg High School and is the daughter of Teresa and Delmar Hauff. Maxann plans to go to Peru State College to major in Fine Arts. She says that art has always been a big part of her life, “I chose fine arts because I love to do art and it has always been a part of me. I am proud that I am graduating and going into college.” It is one of the most important things second to her family and she has always known that she wanted to do something she loves after high school. With that being said it may come as no surprise that when asked what her favorite subject was, she answered art; but lunch is definitely second. Although her favorite memories in high school were in choir with her friend Jazmin. Turning eighteen and having her family to celebrate with her was the cake topper of this year for her along with graduating. Maxann’s mom Teresa is the greatest influence to her, teaching her to always stay strong. Lastly when asked what she likes most about Julesburg she said, “My favorite thing about Julesburg is that it's small, remote, relaxing and from my house quiet.” We all wish you the best of luck.