Emmily Hofmann

Julesburg High School senior, Emmily Hofmann, is the daughter of George and Wyvonna Hofmann. Her plan after graduation is to study at the Institute of Business and Medical Cares located in Fort Collins, Colorado. She will become a Certified Aesthetician and eventually pursue a career as a beauty specialist. Emmily chose this path because she can live by being able to express herself through her work. “I love boosting people's confidence and that is one thing that inspired me to be in the beauty industry. It was seeing so many people on social media creating freedom that makes it all worth-while. Seeing these big artists doing what they love made me love beauty even more.” Emmily said.

 Emmily’s favorite subject is art. She has always been a creative student. Her favorite activities are throwing shot-put in track and painting portraits.  Emmily biggest influence is the High School Art Teacher, Ms. Johnson. She has helped push her to do great things in art and  life in general.  The people who helped Emmily succeed were obviously her teachers, but the ones who pushed her the most are her parents, “Even when times are tough my parents are always there to back me up.”

  One thing Emmily wishes was different in her high school career, it would be experiencing the COVID pandemic so she could have had a normal senior year. One area in Emmily’s life she needs to improve is to stop being scared of making mistakes and be more confident in herself, “never be afraid to ask for help!” All four years of high school has been a roller coaster of a ride for Emmily, to all the exciting experiences and not so much the exciting ones but she's glad she got to live through it.