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Andi Weisshaar

Andi Weisshaar, about 5 hours ago

January 25-30th Activity Calendar

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Holly Christensen

Holly Christensen, about 7 hours ago

8th graders are competing to see which group can create the best cooler to keep food cold. They have been studying how thermal energy transfers.

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Julesburg School District

Julesburg School District, about 21 hours ago

Jr. High Girls Basketball Game at Perkins County (Grant, NE) on Thursday, January 21st; 4:00 “B”game / 5:15 “A” game.
Everyone must wear a mask except for the active participants in the game (players, coaches, and officials). Limited to 450 fans, so all fans wanting to watch the game live shouldn’t have a problem getting into the gym. We will broadcast the game live on the SCC YouTube channel:

Jr. High Boys Basketball Game at Holyoke on Thursday, January 21st; 4:00 “B” game / 5:15 “A” game. Everyone must wear a mask (including players). Limit of 2 fans per player, per game. The game will be live streamed on Holyoke's YouTube channel, the link will be sent out tomorrow.

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Mrs. Edson

Mrs. Edson, 1 day ago

The game sink or swim works on addition facts and odd and even. The second graders could be heard anxiously awaiting the results during their continuous play.

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