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At Julesburg School District, it's about our people.

With a great team of faculty, staff, administration and board members committed to consistently putting into action our core values exemplified through our daily interactions, words and deeds, the Julesburg School District provides the outstanding level of education our students and families have come to expect. We are looking for who value the same characteristics we do - We hire new staff and hold each other accountable to these core values, we evaluate performance to these core values and we coach employees when their performance does not align with these core values.

We have Lion P.R.I.D.E


Approaching Adversity & Challenges With a CAN DO Spirit


Accountable for Taking Ownership of Your Success & Failure


Doing the Right Thing Even When No One is Watching


Success is Reciprocal to Planning, Preparation and Effort


Exceed the Expectations of Our Students, Parents & Community

Through our collective daily exemplification of these core values in all our interactions, words and deeds, we instill these core values in our students, who will then in turn be able to learn and apply these same core values in their personal lives to enhance the success of their family, relationships and career.

Why you'll thrive here:

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Our Leadership Culture

As a small district, we grow leaders in our classrooms. You'll have support from the top down. This means that our Board and Administrators are advocates for our staff.

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Our Belief in Collaboration

We know that we're stronger when we work together and help each other grow professionally. This includes our students, who take ownership of their learning by leading lessons, mentoring younger peers, and having discussions about success.

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Our Support of Our Students

We are committed to helping our students grow not just as scholars, but as individuals. Success for us means that a student graduates with the academic, financial, and social knowledge that they need to navigate adulthood.

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Our Commitment to Our Staff

In order for students to succeed, staff have to be support. We have small class sizes, so teachers can focus on building relationships and get to know their students and their families. We have also built a new facility to enrich the physical environment for our staff.