Jared Ehmke

Jared Parker Ehmke is a Julesburg High School Senior, born on June 14, 2002 in Julesburg, Colorado. He is the child of Lori and Brad Ehmke, and the middle of two other brothers, Brennan and Jace. Jared plans to attend The University of Nebraska at Kearney, majoring in Business with an emphasis in Accounting. He chose this because he likes to work with numbers and having an internship at the local accounting firm has made him even more interested in it. When asked what helped make the decision to pick a major he said, “I like to work with math when I know how to do it, and my internship is fun, and it seems like a good career to get into.”

When asked what he thought about his senior year he said, “I am grateful I didn’t know how the year would go with COVID, but I have been happy so far. We didn’t have to cancel any football games although we had a late start, school has been going well, and I have been able to compete in basketball.” When asked about whether he was ready to go out on his own, and he responded, “I am excited to be on my own, but I don’t know if I am ready, I will miss Julesburg because I have been here my whole life and this is where my family is.” 

Jared has always been a family and friend kind of person. He doesn’t like to be alone and would rather be with others. When asked what superhero he’d like to be he said,” I would like to be Batman because he has Robin as a sidekick. Then, wherever I went I would have a sidekick with me.” I also asked if he could change one thing in his life and  what would it be. He said, “I would do something to stop COVID from happening. It ruined a lot of people's lives around the world and we had to stop living our lives for a while. We have a lot of new rules we have to follow and it just doesn’t feel right.”

“I really enjoyed my time in high school because we have the best teachers here, I have the best classmates ever, and all together it was just a fun time. I will miss everything about our community, but I am excited to move on to bigger things.” For the last question Jared was asked what his favorite memories of high school were, and he responded, “I can’t just pick one, I enjoyed my freshman year because I was able to play sports with my brother for one year. I enjoyed my junior year because that’s when I first started for football and basketball, and I enjoyed my senior year because this is the year that I am now the upperclassman and that younger kids now look up to me. I have so many amazing memories in high school it is hard to pick just one.”