Tate Goddard

Tate Goddard is a senior at Julesburg High School. He is the son of Jay and Melisa Goddard. Tate is planning on attending Nebraska Wesleyan University to continue his football career. Even though he is undecided in what he wants to major in, he would like to do something in the business or medical field. Tate’s favorite subject in school has always been science or math. 

If Tate could change anything about his high school experience, it would be to not have to experience the COVID-19 Pandemic. Tate’s favorite memory and biggest accomplishment from high school are winning his fourth state title with his friends in football. Of course, Tate’s favorite activities are playing football and being with friends. 

In the past four years, Tate has learned to forget the past, stop worrying about the future, and enjoy the present. Tate’s biggest influence has always been his parents. He says, “My parents have always pushed me to be the best student, athlete, and man I can be.” When asked about what area in his life he needs to improve on, he replied, “I need to stop being so nervous to talk to someone on the phone.” Tate believes that one day he will get over this terrible phobia.