Megan Lindsay

Julesburg High School senior Megan Lindsay has attended Julesburg Schools since Preschool in 2006, for 14 years, including this year. She is the daughter of Jay and Lisa Lindsay. 

In the future, She plans to be a Certified Veterinary Technician in a mixed animal veterinary practice. She wants to be a Certified Veterinary Technician because she has always had a passion for animals. At first, she wanted to be a Veterinarian, but after seeing what each person's role is at the Veterinary Clinic where she interns, she quickly learned that she liked the role of the Veterinary Technician more so than the role of the Veterinarian. She enjoys being able to hold the animals and witnessing what is happening, just a tad bit more than doing the actual procedures. 

She participated in volleyball freshman and sophomore year and track freshman and junior year. Megan is also a member of the FFA chapter as well as 4-H and a member of the St.Paul Youth Group. Her favorite memory from being at Julesburg High School is the trips that she took for the FFA Chapter, especially the trip to the National Western Stock Show. Megan has said that her biggest influence is herself because she pushes herself to do better, work hard, and never give up. All of Megan's teachers have also been a great influence on her because they push you to succeed in education. Another person that Megan feels has been a great influence is her cousin who is a Veterinarian, because when time allows, he allows her to shadow him at his vet clinic. 

 She has excelled in her education and her passion for animals because of the various college classes she has taken relating to the Veterinary field and how involved she is at the Vet Clinic during her internship. More often than not, she finds herself staying a little later at the vet clinic because there are many interesting cases that come in, and they are all great learning experiences for Megan to excel in the future.   The one thing that she is going to miss most when she graduates is her internship at the Vet Clinic. This is because this is what she most looks forward to during the school week because she loves seeing all the exams and procedures that happen. 

She plans to go to Front Range Community College in Fort Collins Colorado. She chose this particular campus because she has always loved the Fort Collins area, and wanted to go to Colorado State University for Veterinary School, but her plans changed. She realized that Front Range had a Vet Tech program, and was still located in Fort Collins and decided to go there. She plans to get her AAS in Veterinary Technology through Front Range Community College.