Kid Playing the Drums

“Best Thing To Happen To The Elementary!”-JES Gets New Playground Equipment

This summer the Julesburg Elementary School completed some big renovations to the playground. It was time for an upgrade and that's exactly what they got and a little more. This was possible through many grants and donations which has helped the elementary school make this impressive and innovative playground possible.

The impressive playground was finished on August 30th, 2019 just in time for the kids to come back to school. Majority of students agreed that they loved the new playground.” We love the new playground, and this is the best thing to happen to the elementary.” When one thinks of a playground it’s usually just swings and slides but this playground has much more including an app that you can download to play games that are specifically  designed for the playground. Along with this has come a new basketball and volleyball court, jungle gym, and musical instruments.The renovations brought this playground to an even higher level then it was before and the staff can see that the students are enjoying the new playground a lot. The first morning recess duty, of the year Mrs.Wilber who has been attending and watching the kids on first recess for a very long time, could already see the benefits of the new equipment. “This playground has brought this school to life a little bit more and has given the kids a lot more to do and getting the exercise that they need everyday. It has a lot to offer for the kiddos and a lot more space to move freely and there is something for everyone here.”

Overall this playground has been a huge success and you can on the kids faces how much they are enjoying. Not only has this playground brought a lot to the school but it will leave the kids and teachers with memories that they will cherish for a long time.