Mr.Dille in action coaching Jr.High boys

This year, the Sedgwick County Cougars welcome a new Athletic Director to the staff. Mr. Scott Dille is taking over several positions including the Athletic Director, Head Girls and Junior High Boys Basketball Coach. With the AD job, Mr. Scott Dille said, “It’s a great opportunity to help out multiple different athletic programs and kids in different ways and to give them the best opportunity to have good experiences.” Mr. Dille grew up playing basketball and wants to share his passion with the athletes. So far, Junior High boys are off to a great start in basketball. Mr. Dille mentioned that the group of kids work hard, but it can be challenging when you start new things. The team is in the process of learning, growing, and figuring things out. Mr. Dille has been a coach for 20 years from college level to Junior High. The different types of sports he has coached include basketball, volleyball, track, and baseball. 

Mr. Dille was born in Twin Falls, Idaho. He moved to Longmont, Co when he was around eight and finished high school. He attended college at NJC for two years, then transferred to Western State for another three and a half years. After he graduated from college, he went back to Longmont to start a teaching career. Throughout his teaching career, Mr. Dille taught Health and Fitness Class, Science, P.E, and an Adulting class.

Photo Credit: Billie Carlson