Jazmin Ramos

Jazmin Ramos is a senior at Julesburg High School, and has attended JHS for all four of her years. After highschool, Jazmin is going to help out her aunt over the summer and then attend NJC this fall. After college she plans on becoming a music teacher. As you might guess when asked the question about what Jazmin’s favorite class was, she responded with, ”my favorite class is music, because I'm able to be myself, I get to have fun with my classmates, and I get to sing and dance.” Jazmin mentioned that she loved how JHS pushed her to do things that she thought she couldn’t do, it really helped her grow as a person. Jazmin describes her senior year as crazy, memorable, and fun, it is a time and piece of her life that she will never forget. In ten years Jazmin wants to see herself graduate, with a significant other that loves her, and possibly a family of her own. Jazmin has a wonderful and great plan for life set in front of her, and it will require hard work and perseverance, but we know she can handle that. Good luck with all you do in the future Jazmin.