Tyler Lanckriet

Julesburg High School senior, Tyler Lanckriet, is a great contribution to the class of 2020. He is the artist of the class and plans to attend Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design to major in 2D animation, next fall. He plans to become an animator at a big entertainment company and hopefully impress the “higher ups” enough so he can create his own shows and tell the stories that he has been wanting to for so long. Tyler says that art is a way for him to help overcome his darkest moments and provides a way for him to vent out all of his negative emotions. When Tyler isn’t drawing in his sketchbook or creating many other forms of art, you can find him watching long videos about ways to improve his artistic capabilities and to often search for inspiration. He also enjoys listening to music. Tyler was referring to songs when he said, “I do take massive influence from them and use them as inspiration for creating, altering, or even the tone of an artwork”.

Tyler is most excited about being around people that he can easily mesh with and have a lot in common with in college, despite his shy personality. Tyler is so excited to be going to an art and design school because there are many other students that have the same hobbies and love talking about the same thing he does. Although he is excited for college, he said that he is really going to miss the friends that he has made in high school because they are genuine and really care about him and what he is pursuing. Tyler has a very unique sense of humor. A lot of the times he cracks jokes in class that can make everyone laugh but his favorite jokes are the ones that only his friends would understand, inside jokes if you will. Tyler is a very unique and special part of the class of 2020 who is moving on to do bigger and better things!