Hee Lin Lee

Hee Lin Lee is a senior at Julesburg High School, daughter of Bun Koo and Eun Seon Kim. She plans to attend University of Colorado Denver and major in Biology. After high school, Hee Lin plans to obtain her certified nurse assistant license (CNA) before she goes to college. After she completes her bachelor degree in Biology, she plans to enroll in an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program and complete it in twelve months at the Anschutz Medical Campus. After two years of experience as a registered nurse, she then plans to specialize in geriatrics or anesthesia.

Although plans tend to change all the time, Hee Lin has chosen this path because she has wanted to go into the medical field. She had a high interest in mathematics and science and she knew she had to work on reading and writing. HeeLin did not want to go to medical school to become a doctor because she wanted to be a supporting role of a nurse. Nurses are in the front line of healthcare and have more direct patient care. She knows it is going to be challenging down the road, but has always had a sense of purpose in the things that she has wanted to do.

HeeLin has had two groups of influencers that had a big impact on her life. First, it was her parents. They have provided a roof over her head, fed her, and showed her that academics were her number one priority. The second influencer was Mrs. Ehnes. She had the biggest influence on her. HeeLin wanted to learn from Mrs. Ehnes punctualism, professionalism, and charisma. Working with her as a student, she definitely learned that communication is so vital to success. What she does not know, she does not know. There were three kinds of people that helped HeeLin succeed. First, it was herself because she is responsible for her education. Secondly was her parents because they provided her will all the best resources they could provide her with. Last but not least, her teachers because they answered all her emails and questions.

The best part of the year for Hee Lin was playing volleyball. She enjoyed the spirit of the school, community, and teammates when playing a game. The worst part of her year was having to study for the SAT during homecoming week and volleyball season. Her goals for her last year of high school were to get the Superintendent’s Honor Roll, apply and get accepted to Yale Young Global Scholars and to find out the source of her stress and find solutions to relieve it.

Hee Lin’s experience these last four years of high school were good. She tried three new sports at the competitive level for the first time. She bought dresses that she would never wear after homecoming or prom. Hee Lin definitely got to know her classmates better and developed more friendships. Lately, she has been realizing her faults in the last four years of high school both socially and academically, but she knows that she can learn from it and set a plan for the next four years of college.

To sum up her year with just the word “good” is an understatement. It was exciting because she had worked up to this moment. Treasuring every moment of her last “something” of high school. She realized that this is just the beginning of her life and she needs to start pursuing her career and discover herself even more. Some advice for the upcoming seniors from Hee Lin is work ahead, plan ahead, take it one hour at a time, know what college you want to go to ahead of time and if you are unsure of your passion, volunteer and expose yourself to different experiences.