Ms. Foreman helping Jaciel

After a year of learning social studies via an online teacher, Julesburg High School has the privilege of welcoming Brianne Foreman as our new high school history teacher. Ms. Foreman’s experience of work is lengthy, given that she has had many restaurant jobs in her past. Ms. Foreman grew up not really knowing what she wanted to do. She always thought that she would go into business. Although Ms. Foreman has had many jobs in her life, she has always had the desire to inspire and help people. With a sense of longing to inspire younger generations, Ms. Foreman decided to take a step away from working at restaurants and go back to school to get her teaching degree. Once Ms. Foreman got her teaching degree, she made the decision to teach history, a subject that she has always loved. With three years of teaching under her belt, Ms. Foreman decided to move to Julesburg, Colorado with her daughter, to be closer to some life-long friends and to create a happy and safe home. 

This year will be Ms. Foreman’s fourth year of teaching. Over the years of teaching, she has learned a lot about what being a mentor is really about. Ms. Foreman shares that the best part of teaching is watching her students grow to be confident individuals. She also shares that the hardest part of teaching is knowing that you cannot control everything. However, seeing the growth in her students makes everything worthwhile. When Ms. Foreman teaches, she lives by her philosophy that she wants her kids to be able to teach other students the subject. Ms. Foreman shares that she is a self-guided teacher. She gives direction and lets her students find their own unique style to give them room to grow in their own way. 

Ms. Foreman says that the biggest challenge students face is staying motivated without distractions. Ms. Foreman feels like social media and other influences with technology makes it very hard for students to stay focused and get their work done. Another challenge that Ms. Foreman said that she faces is being a single parent. She shares that she went from nothing to having to establish her own family. However, it made her stronger and a better version of herself. Ms. Foreman’s biggest strength of being a teacher is building strong relationships with students. Ms. Foreman has learned that she cannot control everything. Her favorite thing to do outside of school is yoga and going on walks. She also really likes to bake cookies and cupcakes. Reading and listening to music is something she enjoys, as well as going on adventures with her daughter.

It will be an exciting year with Ms. Foreman as our new Social Studies teacher!