Ms. Sieck

This year the Julesburg Elementary school is welcoming a new sixth grade teacher, Ms.Teresa Sieck. Previous to coming to Julesburg she had been teaching for eleven years in an adult center in Goodland, Kansas. The program was for adults who dropped out of high school and wanted to go back to school and get their high school diploma. Ms. Sieck then came to Julesburg this year to begin her teaching career with 6th grade. “Seeing success on somebody’s face”, is Ms. Sieck’s favorite part about teaching. So far, Ms. Sieck has hit a few bumps in the road with teaching because she was new to the online platform. After some trials and tribulations she finally feels comfortable with the new platform. 

Ms. Sieck grew up and went to high school in Julesburg. She graduated from JHS in 1984 then went off to college. She studied at Midland University in Fremont, Nebraska from 1984-1988. Ms. Sieck was also a member of the women's basketball team, and a sorority. She went to college to become a Biology teacher but later changed to Physical Education. She has always wanted to become a teacher because she enjoys working with kids and helping them think about their future careers. Being flexible was the biggest advice that Ms. Sieck has been given about teaching because you never know what is going to happen any given day. 

Right out of college, Ms. Sieck worked at Yellowstone National Park as an employee recreation coordinator. She did recreations for the employees that worked at the park. After that, she worked for the Omaha Housing Authority. She was a recreation director for their recreation center.

Welcome to the Julesburg School District Ms. Sieck!