Mr. Renquist Principal

The Julesburg School District has hired a new High School Principal, Mr. Ryan Renquist. Mr. Renquist is not entirely new to the district as he grew up and graduated from here. After high school he attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he got a bachelor’s degree in science and math. In high school, he participated in track as a freshman, baseball as a sophomore all the way up to a senior, football and basketball all 4 years. He did not participate in any sports in college but started to find a love for coaching. After graduating from college, Mr. Renquist moved to Walsh, Colorado where he taught math.

 He became a principal at Walsh after a series of events presented him with the opportunity. The previous Walsh principal was in his last three years and was looking for someone to take his place. He told  Mr. Renquist that he would be a perfect fit for the job. During Walsh’s principal's last year Mr. Renquist went back to school to get the proper administration degree. He finished an 18-month program in 10 months so he could become the principal in time. He left Walsh to come back to Julesburg because he felt the old town was getting too small and he saw an opportunity in Julesburg. The move also benefited his kids academically and athletically. 

Mr. Renquist is married with 5 kids; Dylan is a freshman in college, Jensen a sophomore, Tate a 7th grader, Addison a 5th grader, and Jace a 2nd grader. His wife is also part of the Julesburg School District and works as the new Online Facilitator.

We asked Mr. Renquist some out of the box questions like what he would do with a million dollars. He said that with a million dollars he would get out of debt, buy a house at Lake Mac, buy jet skis and boats, spend money on family, and donate it to other people. Mr. Reinquist’s role model is Mr. Hill. As a student athlete growing up in Julesburg he was coached by Mr. Hill. Mr. Renquist says he got a lot of his ideas and coaching styles from Coach Hill.

Mr. Renquist seems like a great fit here at JHS and we are all very excited to see what he brings to the table!