Junior Class

How COVID-19 Rules Affect Julesburg High School Students

Julesburg High School has introduced a plethora of new changes this year due to COVID-19. First, all students are required to wear masks unless they are six feet apart. Second, the hallways have “one way” signs where students must walk one way, according to which hallway they are in. Third, there are bathroom passes and only one person is permitted to use the restroom at a time. 

These changes have heavily impacted students. We took the time to interview Rylie Ingram, a sophomore at Julesburg High School, to ask how she is coping with the COVID-19 rules. When we asked her about her challenges she has to face when wearing masks, she replied with, “It is a little tricky understanding people when they are talking and have their mask on. However, it is not terrible.” We then asked her her opinion of  how smoothly the one ways in the halls are running, in which her reply was, “At first they were a little weird. You cannot cut through the library and if you have to go a certain way, you always have to make sure you are respecting the one way sign. This takes a lot of time. However, I do think that the students are adapting to it well.” Rylie also shares that it is the same way with the bathroom pass, which she adds, “I actually really like the bathroom pass. It makes everything run so smoothly. I wish we had the bathroom pass before COVID-19.” Lastly, we asked Rylie if she thinks the COVID-19 rules have had a big impact on students and she said, “At first, I think it was a change. However, all we had to do was adjust and adapt to a few things. Now the school is running really smoothly!” 

It is safe to say that Rylie Ingram proves that the COVID-19 rules have not negatively affected the students at Julesburg High School. We are very adaptable and nothing can bring us down, not even COVID-19 regulations!