A School of Positivity

The Class of 2023 has been working diligently this school year to bring about positivity within our high school.  They initiated the Random Acts of Kindness board where students drew a slip of paper then executed that act of kindness among their peers.  In addition, the students have implemented the Appreciation Station.  Students draw a name each Thursday and then write a positive, uplifting note to that student on a raindrop, which is then delivered to them each Friday, during Mrs. Ehnes’s class called Free Topic Friday.  Though the RAC board ran its course, the Appreciation Station doesn’t look to be ending any time soon!

As their next steps in continuing a positive culture and climate among our student body, the Class of 2023 has implemented the Help Board.  Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors volunteered their services to make resources available within our school.  On the left side of the board are fellow students that can help you with an emotional or social difficulty or just be there to listen.  On the right side of the board are students that feel most confident in certain academics and are willing to help in those subject areas.  The center of the board promotes both options.  Those student volunteers are comfortable with you reaching out to them for any reason whatsoever; social, emotional, Science, Spanish, Algebra, etc.

For a better understanding of how the Help Board works, please watch the instructional video, also created by the Class of 2023 by clicking on the highlighted  "Help Board" link below.

Help Board